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Understanding Home Care

Aged Care Planners can provide a full range of advice services on home care.  We have worked with hundreds of families to help them navigate the complex and ever-changing Aged Care system.

To get started, we recommend you watch this introductory video.

Getting started with Home Care

To get started, we recommend you complete our Home Care Online Questionnaire to receive a Home Care Report and Plan.

The intention of this report is to get you organised, help you understand the system and the best ways to navigate through the steps you have ahead of you.

The report will set out the key information for the care steps relevant to you and the person you care about. We keep the information relevant to your circumstances and outline the most obvious next steps for the stage of care you require.

The report is a record you can share with your family to help you make decisions together. Each section has a summary of key information, the most immediate action to take and where to locate the most relevant resources of Government services to assist you.

You will also have access to a range of educational videos which provide further information to help you understand your options.

The report will cost $89.00, which will be refunded from any full advice plan if you engage our full-service offering.